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Ro.ial. is a leading company in Italy in the production of non-woven and airlaid professional disposable items. All products are made respecting the environment and they can be customized according to customer requests.


Non-woven tissue

Our company produces non-woven disposable items for Hotellerie-Restaurant-Catering, Wellness, Hairdressers, Healthcare and Professional Hygiene sectors. We produce two different kinds of non-woven tissue: Polypropylene and Spunlace. The first, 100% synthetic, is extremely resistant to traction. The second, of mixed derivation, is very soft and resistant.


We Think Green

We are active for over 25 years in the field of disposable products and our production is attentive to environmental protection. Using biodegradable materials and processed in green factory, we provide ecological solutions for the and Wellness industries.

We think Green is for us a real philosophy of life. Our production plants are powered by solar energy and use sustainable raw materials comply with the rules for the responsible management of resources and that come from certified plants.

Roial Bio Certifications
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Winner 2023 at Cosmoprof Asia Awards