Banca CR Firenze Award 2016

The award is dedicated to companies that, despite economic difficulties, have had the ability to grow and create value.


Promoting excellence to support growth

Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and Intesa San Paolo Group dedicate the award “Promoting Excellence to support growth” to all Tuscan companies that have been able to implement competitive strategies in the name of internationalization and innovation.

In 2016 obtained this important honor as a company that has managed to grow and create value, representing a positive and virtuous example for other realities of the Tuscan territory.

Banca CR Firenze awards Ro.ial

Banca CR Firenze awarded Ro.ial, along with 12 other Tuscan companies, because despite the difficult economic situation, it has had the strength to define new strategies to ensure better performance.

The event, in its second edition, saw the protagonists companies that represent the quality of the Tuscan productive fabric, but also the entrepreneurial capacity needed for those who every day is confronted in the complex and challenging business of entrepreneur.