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The choice to produce practical and safe disposable items goes hand in hand with our environmental commitment. The Roial Bio line offers ecological and compostable solutions for the table and for the cosmetic industry.


We imagine a sustainable future

The protection of the environment, the safety of our products and the reduced environmental impact of each stage of production are the criteria that guide us, day after day. The Roial Bio line is the result of the continuous search for innovative solutions that guarantee high standards of quality, hygiene and sustainability.

In addition to ensuring the compliance of materials, we use biodegradable, compostable and responsibly sourced raw materials. The wood fibres that we use are FSC certified and came from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.


Our commitment to responsible production

The products of the Roial Bio line meet the criteria of quality, compostability, responsible origin and efficiency of the resource.

Every item designed for the table is ecological and sustainable, elegant and practical. We use special Airlaid fabrics, Bio-compost prints and biodegradable dry paper. The range of professional disposable items for the cosmetics sector is equally respectful of the international sustainability criteria.

Why choose Roial Bio

Quality, practicality, low environmental impact and competitive price: these are the strengths of our organic line. This range of articles is highlighted in biodegradable tablecloths, napkins and towels, able to decompose within 6 months, or compostable, which decompose in less than 3 months.

Elegance and sustainability for the table

The organic line dedicated to the table includes tablecloths and napkins made of Airlaid. These products combine elegance, practicality and sustainability. Our tablecloths Roial “Bio Leaf”, in Coloured Airlaid, and “Corda” and “Pesce” in Decorated Airlaid, are compostable and biodegradable.

Upon request, the table products can be decorated with custom patterns and logos, made in special Bio-compost prints that in addition to ensuring excellent adhesion and quick-drying, do not alter the biodegradability conditions of the product.

Organic raw materials for body care

The range of products dedicated to the wellness sector includes disposable towels and professional depilatory waxes made with sustainable raw materials.

The Roial Bio towel, in addition to ensuring a perfect absorbency, is biodegradable and compostable, for a reduced environmental impact. Organic depilatory waxes are made with high quality, eco-sustainable raw materials and organic plant extracts. Free of synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, mineral oils and GMOs.

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