Ro.ial production of disposable articles in non-woven tissue or airlaid and professional products for the cosmetic sector respect the environment and is 100% Made in Italy.


We export our quality products worldwide

Ro.ial produces and exports worldwide disposable items in non-woven tissue or airlaid such as tablecloths, napkins, towels, accessories for professional cleaning. To these articles is added an entire line of products dedicated to the cosmetic sector.

The products of Ro.ial are distributed in over 70 international markets. Our company is the leader in the Italian market and among the top five manufacturers in Europe. A result achieved through the constant attention to customer satisfaction, but also thanks to the direct management of an all-Italian production.

“Il Monouso a Cinque Stelle Ⓡ”

Our non-woven tissue or airlaid disposable items and multifunction dry paper are produced in Italy. The entire production takes place in respect of the environment. Each stage of the process takes place in plants controlled and directed by the headquarters. It is a distinctive feature that makes the brand Ro.ial “Il Monouso a Cinque Stelle Ⓡ” a real philosophy of production, synonymous with continuous research and high-quality standards.

The products of Ro.ial are designed for sectors such as the Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café, the aesthetic, health and professional hygiene.

Production and design 100% Made in Italy

Over the years, through the constant research entrusted by our technicians, several production lines have been developed: from disposable non-woven and airlaid items to creams, depilatory wax and accessories for professional cosmetics.

All our articles are designed and 100% Made in Italy. From the choice of raw materials to the creative development of products, through quality control, logistics and delivery to the customer, each stage is carefully monitored.

We Think Green

Each product guarantees quality, hygiene and safety, but also respect for the environment. Our production chain uses solar energy from photovoltaic systems installed on the roof of each plant. In addition, the raw materials used are biodegradable and compostable in all their components, including inks and additives.

This allows us to create high-quality products ensuring a sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants.

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