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With the Private Label line, on request, we personalize every kind of table product with logos and prints. Make your brand unique with custom-made tablecloths and napkins.


We help you create custom tablecloths and napkins

All products for the table can be customized according to the customer’s instructions and tastes. For custom prints, however, the order of a minimum quantity of products is required.

For each item can be printed the logo or other graphics, and can be customized size, colors and print fantasy. This service allows you to get products in line with your image and your style of communication, making your brand unique.

Design, test and create your products

To request the customization of the products, you must provide the desired logo or graphics in vector format. Our design team is at your disposal to provide you with all the details and evaluate the possibility of carrying out the required printing.

First of all, a graphic draft is made to test colors and inks. Then we proceed to confirm, or not, the production. The cost for the realization depends on the type of customization and the quantity to be produced.

A team of experts at your side

Each material has different absorbency capacities, for this reason, the colors can be less brilliant than the graphic sketch. To achieve a perfect result, let our team advise you. We are available for every need.

Trust us for perfect prints

To achieve a quality product in which colors and prints are faithful to the draft, we recommend you to choose tone-on-tone prints. Prints on a colored background, in fact, are affected by the basic colour that could mix with the water-based inks.

If the background is white, instead, you can choose bright colors and contrast. The result will always be faithful to the graphic draft. For the choice of materials and inks, or to answer any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal with the reliability that has always distinguished us.

Customized and eco-sustainable items

According to We Think Green philosophy, even the tablecloths and napkins of the ecological line Roial Bio can be decorated with patterns and logos. In this case, we use special Bio-compost inks because, in addition to ensuring excellent adhesion and rapid drying, they don’t alter the biodegradability conditions of the product.

Our environmental commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management is evident in every area of production.

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