Stefanino d'oro Award 2018

The Santo Stefano Award, better known as “Stefanino d’Oro”, is the prestigious award that the city of Prato gives every year to the companies in the area that stand out for their ability to do business and look to the future in a virtuous way.


Santo Stefano Award 2018 to Ro.ial

Every year, the bronze statuette known as “Stefanino d’oro” is delivered to the productive realities of the industrial district of Prato that have distinguished themselves positively for their activity.

In 2018 this prestigious award was given to the company Ro.ial for being able to do business and create jobs, in compliance with the rules and competition. The award is promoted by the Diocese, Municipality, Province, Chamber of Commerce and Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Prato.

Doing business by focusing on innovation

The “Stefanino d’oro” represents all the companies able to innovate, but at the same time to maintain the tradition of manufacturing characteristic of the territory of Prato.

Ro.ial, a leading manufacturer of non-woven fabric and dry paper, was selected as one of the top three companies in 2018. The prize was collected by the two owners, engineer Romeo Romano and his wife Cristina Ialini.

Ro.ial for green economy

The company’s mission is to create value while respecting the environment and people. For years, all industrial processes active in the plants of Ro.ial use only clean energy.

The company, in fact, has decided to invest in sustainable production using solar energy collected and transformed into the latest generation photovoltaic systems.