Non-woven tissue

Non-woven tissue is our flagship. With this material, we produce items for table furniture and disposable items for the different sectors such as, Wellness, Hairdressers, Health and Professional Hygiene.


Our non-woven items

Thanks to the constant research and innovation, over the years we have become one of the leading companies in the production of non-woven disposable items.

We produce furniture for the hotel and catering industry such as tablecloths and table accessories, but also products for the Wellness, Hairdressers, Health and Professional Hygiene sectors.


Customized non-woven items

Thanks to our Private Label service, each item can be customized with logos and prints on request of the customer. We guarantee assistance throughout the production process from the graphic draft to the packaging.

Private Label Ho.Re.Ca.

Non-woven polypropylene tissue

This material, 100% synthetic, comes from the particular production technique “spun-bonded” of the plastic polymer Polypropylene that makes the fibres really resistant to traction.

This type of non-woven tissue always has the embossing or the permanent imprint of an embossed design. It’s available white or in an infinite range of colours. The correct disposal of this product is with plastic.

Non-woven spunlace tissue

Non-woven spunlace has a mix of natural and synthetic derivation. The fibres of which it is composed are fixed together through a braid that makes its surface extremely soft and, at the same time, resistant to traction.

It is smooth and very soft: two characteristics that make it prone to draping, like real fabric. Non-woven spunlace can be decorated with Bio-compost prints upon request. The correct disposal of this product takes place in the separate collection of the dry.

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